Dimanche, 21 Janvier 2018


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Tax fraud : Belgium the new haven

The General Trade Union of Belgium wanted to sensitise participants of the FSM on tax havens provided by some countries like Belgium and its disadvantages to developing economies countries.
Outside their tent, the federal secretary of the Union Van Heetvelde Werner, with a public address system in hand, in jest, invited all rich businessmen and women to come to Belgium where they would be free from paying taxes.


Organisation and participation : WSF 2013 displays international solidarity for Tunisians

A member of the organising committee of the World Social Forum (WSF) 2013, Taoufik Ben Abdallah, has expressed satisfaction with processes at the forum. He said he was satisfied with the mobilization, the discussion and the interactions so far. In an interview on the third day of the ongoing Forum in Tunis, Taoufik Ben Abdallah said the WSF 2013 had provided the civil society organisations in


African asylum seekers :Boats for People demands the right to migrate

About 20,000 people, most of them from Sub-Saharan Africa are in the Choucha, camp situated in a desert-like region of Tunisia, close to the Libyan border. They fled Libya during the uprising in this country 2012 and were helped in Tunisia. However, those who could not access a resettlement programme by the Unhcr, are to be integrated locally into the Tunisian society.


Global crisis deepens : More civil society activism predicted

More and more social movements will be addressing the growing inequality and discontent. That was the conviction of Lauren Longman, a member of Global Studies Association, who was animating a debate at the World Social Forum in Tunis. He has predicted a growing civil society activism as the global economic crisis deepens.
He said the crisis now was not merely economic,


Musical activists: Their songs of freedom

They stand out in the masses of humanity at the FSM because on top of the flyers banners and costumes and messages everybody has, they have their musical instruments. And they are singing them to get the crowd pass their message across.

Moh’d Jawad is one of them. He sits by a fountain in the faculty of human rights and economic sciences, surrounded by posters of people unfairly imprisoned in Bahrain. But they are not what you see first. No, it is the instruments he cradles in his arms.


Tribute to fallen activists

A tribute has been paid to journalists and advocates of free communication at the third World Forum on Free Medias.
The event, to commemorate fallen heroes of free communication, aimed also to encourage people currently engaged in the struggle.
Soraya Meslah from CIRANDA,

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