Second Africa-India Summit

India dangles agric aid to grab land

By Emmanuel Mayah One of the deals dangled at African leaders at the on-going India-Africa Summit Forum is a partnershi... READMORE

India-African virtual university: opportunities and cha

By Theresa Mallinson Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh addressed the Plenary Session of the Second Africa-India Foru... READMORE

India dangles $ 5 billions to Africa

Lee Mwiti and Argaw Ashine India offered $5 billion over three years to Africa as the headline item of a key bilateral ... READMORE

Ping Unveils Hosts Of India-Africa Centres

By Kabir Alabi Garba The chairperson of the African Union Commission (AUC), Dr. Jean Ping has revealed the identity of ... READMORE

Singh affirms India's faith in Africa

By Theresa Mallinson On Wednesday, May 25 afternoon Jean Ping, the chairperson of the AU Commission, Teodoro Obiang Ng... READMORE

India, Africa shake hands on new deal

Lee Mwiti Leaders meeting here Wednesday have called for the strengthening of ties between India and Africa at the end ... READMORE

India to support the Ethio-Djibouti railway project

By Beletu Bulbula Ethiopia got a promise of support from India for its project on Ethio-Djibouti railway. Addressing th... READMORE

Stepping up India-Africa deal

From Kabir Alabi Garba The clear interpretation of the new lexicon, 'enhanced', that will be added to the new template ... READMORE

India-Africa Media Partnership

Who’s running the show, really? Theresa Mallinson To build a relationship between media in India and Africa, it is the... READMORE

India and Africa media discuss partnership

Suleiman Mustapha Ahead of the second summit with India, Africa has made strong pitch for greater media exchanges to b... READMORE

Africa wants true partnership with India

By Beletu Bulbula Ethiopian Foreign Affairs Minister Hailemariam Dessalegn said “It is the hope and expectation of Eth... READMORE

Addis residents express mixed reactions to Africa-India

By Seble Teweldebirhan Ethiopia and for that matter, Addis Ababa, the national capital has a considerable experience i... READMORE

Empower women through skill in hand-craft

By Beletu Bulbula The Peoples of India and Africa have been urged to preserve their diverse cultural legacy and hand c... READMORE

“We have the political will” African Ministers assures

By Theresa MallinsonThe draft Africa-India Framework for Enhanced Cooperation, the final version of which will be releas... READMORE

India can match China dollar for dollar

By Emmanuel Mayah As the 2nd Africa-India Summit gathers momentum in Addis Ababa, a top Indian business executive has s... READMORE

In Addis Ababa, experts canvass strong media bond for A

By Kabir Alabi Garba Efforts at strengthening Africa-India partnership for mutual socio-political and economic growth ... READMORE

Ethiopia and India boost bilateral trade ties

Ethiopia and India boost bilateral trade ties By Emnet Assefa The Ethiopian trade Minister Abdurrahman Sheik Mohamed s... READMORE

Africa-India Framework for Enhanced Cooperation

Africa-India Framework for Enhanced Cooperation : the political will is there, but we wait for implementation. By T... READMORE

A flurry of activities ahead of 2nd Indian-Africa summi

A flurry of activities ahead of 2nd Indian-Africa summit Suleiman Mustapha Ahead of the second India-Africa summit, sc... READMORE

Africa needs fair trade, not aid, says AUC chief

Africa needs fair trade, not aid, says AUC chief By Kabir Alabi Garba “For Africa, a development-friendly multilate... READMORE

Ministers laud formation of India-Africa Business Counc

Suleiman Mustapha Trade Ministers from the sub region have lauded the formation of an India-Africa Business Council tha... READMORE

Let’s deepen media partnership- Indian official advises

By Beletu Bulbula, Despite the long tradition of direct interaction between the leadership of India and Africa, areas o... READMORE

African journalists converge for India-Africa Summit

By Emmanuel Mayah. Journalists from across Africa have converged in Addis Ababa, the Ethiopian capital, to follow ev... READMORE

Africa-India cooperation is bearing fruits, says Vivek

By Kabir Alabi Garba Even the sceptics would be convinced about the workability of the new deal of partnership that ... READMORE

India telemedicine to boost MDG in Africa

By Emmanuel Mayah. The performance of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) in some African countries might soon e... READMORE

India courts Africa Media

By Emmanuel Mayah. Pitched against China in a raging economic war, India is desperately wooing the media in Africa to h... READMORE

India prepares to unveil new trade terms with Africa

By Lee Mwiti Officials at the ongoing India-Africa summit remained tight-lipped Saturday over details of new initiative... READMORE

India-Africa Summit: short historical remind

The first Africa-India Summit was held on 8 and 9 April 2008 in New Delhi. Sixteen delegations took part, including s... READMORE


Second Sommet Afrique-Inde

Crise libyenne : L’Ua appellent à un cessez le feu et t

Autant l’Afrique peut se prévaloir d’une bonne croissance économique grâce à ces relations avec l’Inde, autant elle doit... LIRE LA SUITE

PARTENARIAT AFRIQUE-INDE, Derrière les déséquilibres ap

La deuxième édition du sommet Afique-Inde, tenue à Addis Abeba du 20 au 25 mai, s’est voulue un cadre d’échanges destiné... LIRE LA SUITE

Investissements : L’inde promet encore et plus à l’Afri

Trois ans après le sommet de New Delhi, l’Inde ne semble guère déçue de son partenariat avec l’Afrique. Le bilan dressé ... LIRE LA SUITE

Exposition : Les femmes s’illustrent dans l’artisanat

Diacounda SENE L’artisanat à sa part dans la foire organisée dans le cadre du 2e sommet Afrique-Inde qui se tient à ... LIRE LA SUITE

Conclave DES investisseurs indiens et africains

L’Afrique tire vers l’agriculture et les infrastructures Par Ousseini Issa Les rencontres sectorielles se poursuive... LIRE LA SUITE

Amadou NIANG, Ministre Sénégalais du Commerce

« Le Sénégal exporte plus vers l'Inde que l'Inde n'exporte vers le Sénégal » Il n’y a pas de raison d’avoir peur des re... LIRE LA SUITE

AFRIQUE-INDE, L’heure du bilan à mi-parcours

L’Afrique et les émergents, l’histoire commence à s’écrire avec plusieurs chapitres et des scénarios qui se cherchent en... LIRE LA SUITE

Coopération Inde-Afrique / A l’Est du nouveau ?

La Chine a pris ses marques en Afrique et commence à faire son maillage. Voici l’Inde qui arrive pour poser ses repères.... LIRE LA SUITE

Brin d’histoire sur le sommet Inde-Afrique

Le premier sommet Inde-Afrique s’est tenu les 8 et 9 avril 2008 à New Delhi. Seize délégations, dont six avec des che... LIRE LA SUITE


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